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Bleaching: Most people are aware of what bleaching is all about. It is basically a tooth whitening procedure that can be done in office using a bleaching light or by take home bleaching kits which we can custom make for your mouth. Results may vary as will the lasting effects depending on original tooth shade and the lifestyle of the patient, ie smoking, red wines, blueberries.


Endodontico: Commonly known as root canal treatment. Inside each tooth is a pulp which contains nerves, blood supply and lymphatic tissue. When this tissue becomes diseased or injured endodontic therapy is needed to save the tooth. Symptoms may vary to hot/cold sensitivity, pain on touching or a swelling. The entire pulp is removed and replaced with an inert material, gutta percha. This tooth usually has to be crowned to prevent future fracture. Often a front tooth will turn darker after root canal treatment and will have to be crowned for esthetic reasons.


Vaneers: A veneer can be used to make your teeth look better without fully reducing them as in a crown preparation. Usually the tooth is reduced only on the lip and biting surfaces by only ½ mm. It is an indirect technique and the piece of porcelain resembles an artificial nail which is then bonded to the tooth. It drastically improves esthetics by changing colour, shape or spacing.